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 on: 2023-09-26 10:47:38 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by timmelon
Spoiler (hover to show)
^It’s really hard to give the small country a lot of cities if you have 1:20 scale.
Cessna! :D Buuuut... I don’t expect a lot of aviation-specific cargoes for that company. Maybe, some smaller engine or a set of small tires, and that’s all.

 on: 2023-09-26 10:21:38 
Started by Rainberry - Last post by timmelon
Just Alright: that’s it? No more comics from that festival?

P.S. Mighty hunter Pinenut, lol ;D.

 on: 2023-09-26 05:42:04 
Started by Smiles2us - Last post by Nemesis Prime
I can always be summoned if needed, just tag me up and i will appear at somepoint, if not the same day, then i'll mostlikely not be home/am sleeping but I do usually check this place daily and when i have more time in my hands, i usually try to spend it on reading the new posts XD

Good to see everyone here ^^

 on: 2023-09-26 02:08:33 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by MasterXtreme
For ETS2,  open betas last, on average, 28 days (versions 1.30-1.47). However, this is quite an unusual open beta we have right now. It could take less time, as it "only" includes a map update, and no changes to gameplay, graphics etc.  Just expect this release to coincide with a Halloween event in October.  So it will not be long.

I think this is good analysis.  But you seem so much happier than the doom-and-gloom coming from the SCS Forums about the WB update.  People playing the open beta and looking into the files and whining and complaining that some countries seem to small, certain countries only getting four cities. Some stating that the ATS map team is far superior (they also have more space to work with currently). Mostly complaints about scaling or that my country isn't represented good enough, etc.  As a matter of fact, lets read some of the recent complaints!  Spoilers possible, so read with caution.

Spoiler (hover to show)
"Only now, when I read this discussion, I found out that Slovenia lost a huge piece of territory, my god it looks terrible, and Trieste looks even worse, I like the promods version 100 times more, I'll just remind you that we were waiting for this city with two companies and a port 7 months, even a beginner in scs could create this and faster than in 7 months." - Trucker Nik

"Honestly, if they are going to butcher the map like this, I think it'd be better to just scrap Trieste. Another Italian city taking space away from new DLC countries is extremely unnecessary." - Tkario1

"That's crazy, they've literally omitted everything from the center of the biggest city, we're going to get industrial area only, like the most cities in Europe. I'm really disappointed right now" - Miki208

" find it very grating how SCS constantly jump between giving remote depots their own marked towns and just assigning them to the nearest big city. The furniture factory in Vranje is just going to be assigned to Niš, seriously? Meanwhile Portugal got Cortiçadas de Lavre (a town with less than a 1000 inhabitabts) as marked   ::| They could have probably bumped up those 30 cities to 35-40 by simply turning some of the scenic towns with remote depots into individual marked ones without having to add any new roads or depots at all." - IvanKuz

"How the biggest country (Serbia) only have 4 cities?" - LopeszTiago

"Serbia especially got hosed by the circumstances of the scale, having 10 crossings on its borders (only bested by Croatia's 11 but those are more spread out), and being sandwiched on all sides by roads and cities in other countries that needed to be close to its borders. If Serbia had Montenegro's marked city density it would have had 16 marked cities, and if Slovenia had Serbia's density it would have just 1." - Oldmanclippy

"...what they did with Slovenia is a questionable "solution" could have been solved differently.
Whether it corresponds to reality or not, you don't notice it when driving anyway, but the road to Trieste could easily have had a bend to the right, and on the map ITA could have been made a little wider, so SLO would be less cut off...
1/3 of Istria (north) is now also in Slovenia to make space for Koper... but OK.

As for the ferries, I mentioned the possibility of Trieste-Ancona on page 274, but was immediately denied...but now this connection is there!
And once again it has been shown that we can expect ANYTHING! And some here cling too closely to reality, wishes and ideas - even though we only have limited information.
The same applies to roads, if a number can be found somewhere in the files, it doesn't automatically mean that the whole road is implemented, only 1km of it can exist to appear in the files...
but some people immediately concluded from that impossible visions about the road network haha

Personally, I am disappointed about the lack of connection from Split to Bosnia (HR 220/BIH M16) via Kamensko border, but I expected that, it was a 50:50 ratio.
I've mentioned it here several times over the last few months - when I saw what was being done and implemented in the Austria update, I expected everything and nothing...

And this "we can expect everything and nothing" remains true, because it really is like that, there will be a lot of positive surprises but also disappointments before the release!" - Aries

"Montenegrins are about to get a 1:19 representation in ETS2 beyond their wildest most absurd dreams. 3 marked cities, 5 border crossings, multiple routes around the entire country, insane density, and proper industries.

1 marked city for every 4 cities with population over 10K
1 marked city for every 8 municipalities
1 marked city for every 4,000 sq km i.e. about every 12 sq km in-game
1 marked city for every 200,000 people

:lol: Montenegro is gonna be the mile for mile, city for city champion of ETS2" - Oldmanclippy

"Its weird to see Serbia just have 4 cities.. same amount of Slovenia... but don't worry, SCS in future updates will add new content for WB." - Itsavenn

"I would say that the West Balkans DLC was definitely the biggest challenge for the ETS2 map team because of the scale. They had to make a decision within 1:20 scale, which they knew might please some and not please others. I would say they still managed to bring out what as much as possible." - Marcello Julio

"I know it's only beta, but from what I saw from your posts im reaalllyyy realllyy deeply dissapointed with what have they done with Slovenia :(
The background map should be fixed, because this looks soooo unrealistic and weird that it hurts -.-
Licence plates: by the pics they are missing the coat of arms, not all coat of arms are actualy seen on the roads in real life, but you can't have city code (LJ, MB, CE, KP ...) with coat of arms from different city code - absolute NO GO ! also the format of the plates is wrong: current actual system goes --> city code (coat of arms) XX (2 random letters) - 111 (3 random numbers). Thats it. Only Ljubljana and Maribor have the "new" system with 11 (2 random numbers) - XXX (3 random letters). All the other city codes don't have that system.

Someone mentioned the connection from Trieste to Kozina? Yes, this is forbidden for trucks over 7.5 tones. From Kozina to Croatia trucks can only go, if they are having the off-load in one of the neighbouring regions across the border (proof in the CMR !). All the other "transit" has to go through Ljubljana - Zagreb etc. For Postojna to Croatia I'm not sure if its the same rule or not, might be, there is also a sign on the highway ...

Anyway I just hope this gets fixed otherwise there will be plenty of mods needed to have a realistic thing (speaking for Slovenia) ..." - KoperSLO

"I have one word, ATS team is much better, Unfortunately" - MACX8

 on: 2023-09-26 01:51:24 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by Anyponedrawn
For ETS2,  open betas last, on average, 28 days (versions 1.30-1.47). However, this is quite an unusual open beta we have right now. It could take less time, as it "only" includes a map update, and no changes to gameplay, graphics etc.  Just expect this release to coincide with a Halloween event in October.  So it will not be long.

 on: 2023-09-26 00:14:02 
Started by Graymist - Last post by Grapefoot
11 out of 10!!!! Awesome drawings and great work on her sneezes.  I think your style is superb and this sneeze totally matches how Vinyl would sneeze.  She would let it loose openly and let it fly!  Awesome work! 

 on: 2023-09-26 00:12:07 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by Grapefoot
Cartoon Network continues to shrink under new corporate leadership.  The hours are being cute for more Toonami and Adult Swim.  Adult Swim will start at 5pm.  That is nuts. 

 on: 2023-09-26 00:07:38 
Started by Smiles2us - Last post by Grapefoot
Nice, we got the whole band back together! 

 on: 2023-09-26 00:07:16 
Started by Anyponedrawn - Last post by Grapefoot
Very nice work on this Kiwi.  Neat to see the progress for all the artists and it's pretty neat.  I would link to the art though so we can see it easier. Considered ever doing one for writers as well?

 on: 2023-09-25 23:59:07 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by Grapefoot
Anyone ever use the Brutal Weather mods?  They looks pretty neat.

I wouldn't do it.  It adds some great skyboxes, but there is weird fog that pops up everyday in the morning and at night and you cannot turn it off.  The clouds can be dark as black, but the ground and roads can still be bright like day-light.  A lot of work has gone into the mod, but the creator needs to fix all the little things, especially the lighting.  The skybox is one thing, but if the game still thinks it's sunshine but the mod skybox is dark clouds, it makes for a really bad experience.

As for the weather, it does make some good rain effects, but the stock game is good enough.  There is no extreme weather.

A lot of people seem to like this mod, but I don't know how they get past all the issues and immersion breaking lighting.

Thank you.

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