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Author Topic: World News  (Read 212175 times)
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« Reply #1440 on: 2022-09-08 18:41:19 »

This really made me sad today.

She will always be the Queen I remember.
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« Reply #1441 on: 2022-09-09 01:58:05 »

I was gonna post this.  Queen Elizabeth was such a wonderful woman and she led not only her country, but the world with her charming smile, and strong leadership.  She never got political, and in a sense, she became a symbol of peace, care, and a sense that everything would be okay.  We lost a wonderful person today.

God save the Queen.

Beautifully said, @Soda !
I still can't help thinking about her... She was just always there. I don't know how old you all here are, but I believe she was there through all our lifetimes since we were born, no matter where we live. It somehow seemed like she was immortal, although of course I know rationally it's not possible. It's just a feeling.
In a way, she will live forever indeed.

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Approaching midlife crisis

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« Reply #1442 on: 2022-09-09 16:22:16 »

Elizabeth's own mother lived to be 101.  Her husband, who passed last year of Covid-- they were distant cousins, I believe-- was 99, a mere few weeks shy of his own centennial.

Charles III certainly has a lot to do to win back the crowd-- I mean, the jug-eared git left a choice piece of tail like Diana in order to put the boots to a shrieking old harridan who could eat apples through a picket fence, and his treatment of his son leaves a lot to be desired.  Harry was noticeably snubbed during King Chuck's big speech to the nation, and it remains to be seen if his and Meghan's kids will be gifted with any noble titles, or recieve any royal land.
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« Reply #1443 on: 2022-09-09 17:43:35 »

King Charles has been decisive in the past, but hopefully he can tone it down, calm the populace, and unite the country once again.

The Uk is unique in that the people may love or hate their 'real' government leaders, but they can turn to and find solace in their royal leaders, even if they are merely figure heads in modern day.
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