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 on: Today at 17:48:29 
Started by MrDark1amao - Last post by sudosnz

 on: Today at 15:51:34 
Started by Umeko - Last post by Umeko
**Mature warning! Foul language! Let me know if you want me to go in and censor it! **

2: Shit
Characters: Skyiler, Benji & Aiyame
Sneezer: Skyiler rain getting to him


Skyiler was walking home carrying tonight’s dinner on his shoulder, when suddenly he stopped.
He looked around, something was wrong…
Very very wrong…
His eyes glows lightly in the dark.
The sound of shouting is heard across the meadow, he flicks his ears in that direction.

Just then Benji comes running out of the forest and out onto the meadow, with a whole group of dragonians and humans chasing after him.
The hybrid’s eyes change from a light glow to full on red as the anger flows through him, thunder is rolling in and rain starts to pour down.
Suddenly a human throws a bomb that lands not too far from where Benji was, it detonates sending the boy flying a few feet and falls hard to the ground.
Skyiler’s eyes go wide as he sees his son laying on the ground, injured, his fur slightly singed from the explosion.
His body shakes, sparks of lightning trail over his body as he goes into full on rage mode, he drops the kill.

Just as the group walk to surround the boy, they hear “RHAOOOUUUAHR!” as the hybrid appears, he takes a moment to check on Benji, seeing the wounds and bruises all over his body.
His focus shifts from his son to the enemies, he growls as he speaks “Ya fucking disgusting pieces of shit lowlives! Going after children!?”
He shifts into his feral before going on a killing spree, killing everyone in sight,
He stomps on a few of them “Ya don’t fucking deserve to breathe the same fucking air as we do!” He snatches up a few in his mouth and bites down hard.
The fight ends with the feral sending a lightning bolt at the humans and kills everyone of them.

Aiyame runs out of the palace as she hears the lightning strike.
She runs around to the back of the palace where the big meadow is, just as the feral walks up the hill.
The tigress notices right away he’s limping a little.
She looks up at him as he reaches her “What happened? Why are you limping dear?” She asks.
Skylier looks down at her with sorrowful eyes, he walks over to the courtyard where he lays down and then he opens his mouth and lays Benji on his front leg, Aiyame gasps seeing her baby injured and unconscious.
“What happened?” She asks while checking on Benji.
The feral gasps “Hh…” and sniffs softly then he tips his head back “Heeeh…” Then he whips his head to the side “Haeh’KSHUU!” He sniffs and rubs his muzzle with his other paw “Excuse me… Humans threw a bomb at him” He growls as he speaks.
Aiyame looks up at him in horror “A bomb!?” Then she checks on the injuries
“His eardrum has been damaged, it can be healed but his hearing in this ear won’t be the same”  She sighs and watches as Skyiler leans over and heals his son “There…” He says as he is about to stand up and he winches a bit.
Aiyame looks at him“Are you alright dear?”She says and climbs up on his back and gives him a thorough look over.
After a little while she finds a couple spears stuck under his wing “Hang on dear, this might hurt a little” She says before she yanks the spears out, the feral lets out a growl.
The tigress then brings out a vial of lunar elixir and pours the content onto the wounds and watches them disappear
“There you go, all better!” She says.

Suddenly she feels him tense up under her and his chest rising and falling in an uneven manner “Are you okay Sky?” She asks and pets his back, when she sees his head tip back “Heeeh…”
His ears pins against his head “Ehh ehh…” and then he jerks his head to the side “HAEH’KSHUU!” He sniffs, throws his head up again “Ehhhhh” and jerks his head down again “Hheeh’KSHUU!” He shakes his head and lets out a soft groan.
Aiyame climbs up onto his head “Oh dear, did the rain get to you?” She slid down onto his muzzle and felt his forehead
“You’re a bit warm, let's go inside, we have to tuck Benji in and get you bundled up” She says while hopping down from his muzzle to the ground.

Skyiler shifts back to his anthro self, he bends down and picks Benji up, nuzzling his son “Fucking shitheads… who the fuck goes after children I’ll never understand it” He growls a little and strokes Benji’s hair.
Aiyame shakes her head “I don’t get it either… Lets get him to bed and-” She gets cut off as the hybrid suddenly buries his muzzle in his elbow “Hhh’KshUH! Ehh’KSHUU!” He sniffs and rubs his nose “Ugh… Well I’b gettig sick…” He groans, Aiyame giggles “Bless you dear, and lets get you some cold meds and then tuck you in as well” She takes his hand and then they walk inside.


 on: Today at 12:32:23 
Started by Smiles2us - Last post by Rainberry
Happy Thursday everyone.  We've almost made it to the weekend.

We're about to do it again. ;D

 on: Today at 12:31:59 
Started by Silverwing - Last post by Rainberry
Some of those buildings in the cities of NE post were pretty detailed. They've improved drastically.

 on: Today at 12:29:51 
Started by flemishcap - Last post by Rainberry
Pretty strong sneeze.  One would think if she sneezes fire, she'd be more careful around others.

 on: Today at 12:29:28 
Started by EvergreenPinewood - Last post by Rainberry
Ha ha ha! Some of those expressions, including the face left of the sneeze, lol.  What on earth is going on with these?  Love that sneeze too!

 on: Today at 12:28:41 
Started by Rainberry - Last post by Rainberry
Was it her not wanting to eat un-girly foods or was she not wanting Lawrence to have to spend a lot of money?

Maybe that is the duality of the message here?   ^-^

 on: Today at 12:28:08 
Started by flemishcap - Last post by Rainberry
Interesting.  Thanks for sharing.  She has scary face.  :nervoussmile:

 on: Today at 12:27:34 
Started by FoxTail - Last post by Rainberry
Honestly, it started out rough looking very stiff when she landed, but it greatly improved onward.  I must say I did not expect a sneeze, but it was good.

 on: Today at 12:27:00 
Started by sudosnz - Last post by Rainberry
She's a cute looking character and very curvy.  Nice drawing of her and her sneeze.

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