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Title: Favorite Youtube Channels
Post by: Wolfwood on 2018-05-16 17:56:12
What are some of your favorite Youtube Channel you watch or follow?
Title: Re: Favorite Youtube Channels
Post by: MasterXtreme on 2018-05-16 17:59:47
I enjoy Historia Civilis ( which focuses on Roman History and ancient battles and wars.  If you like that stuff, it is fascinating to listen to and learn some new stuff.

I also like Regular Car ( foley for their car reviews and Roman's history essays.  They don't review all the shiny new cars, they review... regular cars.  They are very thoughtful in their writing, but also very immature at times.  Great verbal essays.  If you want some of my fav vids that make you think, please let me know and i will share some.

Otherwise I don't actually follow people on Youtube.  I just stumble upon stuff.  I don't wait for updates or even look at notifications.
Title: Re: Favorite Youtube Channels
Post by: RainySunshine on 2018-06-10 10:27:01
I think this is a good idea for a topic.  Sadly I don't really follow or subscribe to any Youtube channels.  I don't even have an account I use. I just seek what interests me.
Title: Re: Favorite Youtube Channels
Post by: Kiwi on 2019-02-10 15:24:38
I am subscribed to zero Youtube channels.  What are some good Youtube channels to subscribe to that aren't obnoxious and calming to listen to in the background?
Title: Re: Favorite Youtube Channels
Post by: Umeko on 2019-02-11 10:53:37
I follow these channels: ( Markiplier I've followed since a few years back, first video I saw of him was his FNAF play through :D ( Jacksepticeye, is by far my most favorite let's player.
He has shot up the ranks so fast over the course of just a few years, despite being so popular he has remained humble and genuine, while some famous people tend to let it go to their heads. Not Jack he is so kind and thinking of where he came from, from being a lonely kid playing games in a cabin in the irish forest, to stand at the top along side with Markiplier and Pewdiepie! He might be loud and over the top for some but if you give him a few watchings you'll see why so many are happy to follow him :D

These two also do a lot for charity which is a huge plus :3